Vienna calling

For birthday I gave my boyfriend two tickets for a flight to Vienna - on the first December we finally went off. We should go from Berlin Tegel on Friday evening around 9 clock. The emphasis is on should. Over an hour later than planned we finally began boarding. I was completely annoyed, because there... Continue Reading →

A Spark of Hope

Sometimes we make wrong decisions in life. This does not mean that these decisions are bad. Sometimes these decisions lead us to the right place. That's what Marc also showed me. When I was on my way to work, far too early, I decided to drink a coffee at Starbucks. It was relatively crowded and... Continue Reading →

Bottles to America

When I was standing at the  train station a few days ago, waiting for the suburban train, I watched an old man, about 70 years old. He was well dressed and had a friendly expression on his face - he reminded me of my grandpa. The man glowed into the trash cans on the platform,... Continue Reading →

Dear Mr. Obama!

This is my personal thanks to the probably coolest President in the history of the United States of America - Mr. Barack Obama! Thank you for letting us believe in ourselves. Thank you for being so down-to-earth in all these years. Thank you for showing us that you are also just a human being. Thanks... Continue Reading →

About my beloved City – LONDON

On the last weekend of November me and my family went to London and again I had to realize: London you are simply beautiful! We stayed at the W-Hotel  just above the M & M World at Leicster Square. Piccadilly Circus, Soho, Covent Garden, Chinatown, Oxford Street and Bond Street were therefore nearby. This was also... Continue Reading →


  Today I would like to tell you something about my trip to Stockholm and give you some tips for your own one. On Thursday, September the 1st, I set out for Stockholm with my boyfriend from Berlin Schönefeld airport. We flew with Norwegian Airlines and found some really cheap tickets. I was very sold on Norwegian... Continue Reading →

Trump all over

No issue determines the media in recent weeks as much as this year's presidential election in the United States. Opposing Hillary Clinton on the side of the Democrats and Donald Trump on the Republicans in one of the dirtiest and most scandalous election campaigns in the history of the US. It was unclear who would... Continue Reading →

“One Coffee please!”

When I have to go to university early in the morning, I often buy a juice at the kiosk down in the underground station. I always buy it from the same man. Meanwhile, I just put the 80 cent on the counter and wish him a nice day, just like he does to me. Born in... Continue Reading →

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