Crazy about Socks…

Socks - a topic you can discuss on for hours. Some think it is totally fine to give somebody socks for Christmas or birthday. Some might say this is a NO GO. Some people do not care whether they wear a pair of different socks, or whether their socks fit to their outfits or not.... Continue Reading →

About an Island and its Image – SYLT

Tomorrow it is time again: I will go to my favourite place:  SYLT, probably Germany's most beautiful island. An island which has a lot to offer. And whose reputation is being drawn through the muck espacially on a weekend like Whitsun. Because of an image that does not even affect the majority of the island.... Continue Reading →

9.203,60 Kilometers

Hamburg and Bogota are 9.203,60 kilometers away from each other. So are Julius and his girlfriend Isabella. Because the two have been in a long-distance relationship for 4 years now. When I wanted to pick up my boyfriend from Hamburg airport on Thursday evening, I noticed a nervous young man next to me. He could... Continue Reading →

Vienna calling

For birthday I gave my boyfriend two tickets for a flight to Vienna - on the first December we finally went off. We should go from Berlin Tegel on Friday evening around 9 clock. The emphasis is on should. Over an hour later than planned we finally began boarding. I was completely annoyed, because there... Continue Reading →

A Spark of Hope

Sometimes we make wrong decisions in life. This does not mean that these decisions are bad. Sometimes these decisions lead us to the right place. That's what Marc also showed me. When I was on my way to work, far too early, I decided to drink a coffee at Starbucks. It was relatively crowded and... Continue Reading →

Bottles to America

When I was standing at the  train station a few days ago, waiting for the suburban train, I watched an old man, about 70 years old. He was well dressed and had a friendly expression on his face - he reminded me of my grandpa. The man glowed into the trash cans on the platform,... Continue Reading →

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