#4 New York


It’s been four weeks since I came back from New York. About eight weeks ago I started my journey to the city of dreams. A month in one of the largest metropolises in the world was. In a city that does carry the name “The city that never sleeps” for a good reason. For four weeks, I have lived with people from all over the world, and today I want to share with you what this journey has taught me.


I have learned that Swedes does not use Whatsapp and that it isn’t embarrassing to post something on Facebook in the Netherlands.
I learned to chink glasses in Turkish and to use swear words in Taiwanese. I’ve learned that it is something special in Asia when you take a photo with a European and that it is the exact opposite for the Europeans.
I’ve learned that there are no public water donors in Turkey. And that squirrels look different in Russia.
I have learned that it is abnormal in the Netherlands to order fast food for breakfast after a night of partying and that people in South America do not dance to techno music.


I have learned that Berlin is one of the most adored cities in the world and many envy me for the political situation in our country. I have learned that not all Turks are a supporter of Erdogan and that many Russians are making fun of Putin. I have learned how to protect the environment in Brazil and how the French school system works. I’ve learned that in other countries of the world, you do not necessarily have to be good at English to be an English teacher.

I have learned that friendship has nothing to do with religion, nationality, age or gender. And that young people are much more open to these issues. I have learned that I live in a country that I can be very proud of . And that I am allowed show this pride as well.


I’ve learned what it means to share a room with people from different nations, eat together, go to school together and spend leisure time together. Sometimes it was exhausting, sometimes I would have liked to pack my things. Often it was educational and often we had fun. Often it has made me think, but always it was a very special experience, which I am glad I have made. And an experience that I will never forget.


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