#3 New York


A little late I wanted to tell you about my third week in New York. It was relatively relaxed, because I simply wanted to spend a lot of time with the girls I met during my time here. So we sunbathed by the pool, played tennis, went down to the Hudson and watched the sunset or ate ice cream in Tarrytown. I’ve enjoyed this because all of this happened far away from stressful New York.


On Friday I went to the city with a Swedish friend, because she wanted to have lunch in Soho with me. We went to Ruby’s again because I could honestly not grasp how good the food was and I definitely wanted to try something else.
And the Bronte Burger – what can I say. It is definitely not a typical burger, but one that I would definitely recommend!

After lunch, we explored Greenwich Village, the East Village and just walked through the streets. The quarters we visited were more of an alternative, less touristy and that was exactly what we were looking for. After buying a few presents for the loved ones at home we then went back to Midtown in the Upper East Side.

Before I came to New York, I watched the movie “The Lady in Gold” at home with my father. The film is about the Nazi art theft and the famous portrait of Annette Bloch-Bauer by Gustav Klimt. The painting can now be found in the „Neue Galerie“ in New York, opposite the Metropolitan Museum, and is the most valuable picture in the world.
We were fortunate that it was the first Friday of the month and we were able to visit the gallery from 6 o’clock for free. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take photos in the entire gallery, but seeing this picture hanging there almost moved me to tears. I did not expect it to be so beautiful, but if you have the chance to watch it, I would definitely recommend it to you. Basically, the gallery exhibits only Austrian and German art.

After our visit we had to say goodbye, because my friend had to fly back to Sweden the next morning and for me some really exciting trip was waiting… WASHINGTON D.C.

And what should I say? 2 days were enough to fall in love with this beautiful city.
In contrast to New York it is here so relaxed. It is much more idyllic, quieter, you do not wait in line for everything and it is incredibly clean.

After a five-hour bus trip, we reached Washington on Saturday around 1 o’clock. We started a tour at the Capitol, across the White House (and what can I say, this actually looks a lot smaller than I thought) and ended up at the National Mall. Here, of course, we saw the Washington Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial as well as the World War 2 and the Vietnam War Memorial. One more impressive than the other and exactly my thing.








The day approached the end and the next morning we went out of bed early, because we wanted to visit the cemetery in Arlington. And what can I say, it is terrible to see how many US Army soldiers are buried in this cemetery. How many people have sacrificed their lives in wars and battles for their nation. You have to serve at least 15 years in the US Army to find be buried here. But not only soldiers, also the probably most famous president of all time is buried in Arlington: Mr. John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Beside him his wife Jaqueline. Contrary to expectations you will not find a pompous monument at this point, but this:


After our visit to Arlington, our time in Washington was almost at an end. We drove back to the National Mall and had the chance to visit the museums and monuments of our choice for three hours. I chose the National Gallery of Art where I could admire the famous self-portrait of Van Gogh, and the Museum of American History, where I’d like to spend another five more hours.


Processed with VSCO with m3 preset
Of course, lunch from one of the famous Washington food trucks could not be missed.

And then it was time to say bye bye. Bye to a city I never thought I would fall in love with. Bye to a city which is, for American conditions, quiet close to New York but so different.

Five hours later we reached New York at sunset. And I can hardly put it into words. This moment when the sun reflects in the glass façade of the One World Trade Center and the entire New York skyline sparkles in an orange light. These are the moments when you just feel lucky. And gratitude. Gratitude for having the chance to live four weeks in this incredible city.
How my last week in New York was and what I’ve taken from my entire trip, you’ll read in a few days!

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  1. Hi Theresa, was für eine beeindruckende Reise mit schönen und nachdenklichen Erinnerungen für dich. Tolle Fotos!
    Viele Grüße und bis bald.


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