#2 New York

Another week has passed and so half of my time here in New York is already over. Another week I experience a lot and explored the city further.

By Thursday the week was relaxed. The weather was rather moderate so we opted for a bit of shopping at the Woodbury Common Outlet and just a bit of relaxation.

On Thursday I was in a place I had been looking for so long: the 9/11 Memorial. When I was with my family here in New York, 7 years after the 11th of September, the Memorial was just under construction. One more reason for me to see it now finished. And what can I say: I can hardly describe it. This feeling when you stand in front of these two huge water pools and look down. On the sidelines the names of all the victims of this attack. This was the first time a cold shiver ran down my spine that day. But it should not be the last.




Because I also visited the museum. I knew this would not be a joyous visit full of fun, but I never thought it would hit me so much. So much that I’ve even lost a few tears. Here are some impressions …




Besides the normal exhibitions, there are some in which photography, perfectly right, is forbidden. A room with a picture of each victim and one you can understand their life story on screens. And if you see a girl that was born three years after you and lost her life at the age of one, then you just have to cry.
Or a room full of quotes from people from the twin towers or from one of the airplanes. Where a man wants to tell his wife one last time that he loves her because he is sitting in an airplane that will tear him to death.

At the end of this exhibition there is nothing to laugh and even if you leave the building you do not think about something funny. Because the only question that remains to you is: Why?

In order to distract me and not to be depressed while strolling through the beautiful streets of New York I hooked another point on my list. COOKIE DOUGH! And wow I can only tell you, it is probably the dream of every child once to officially eat cookie dough and not steal it in secret like on Christmas. Especially if there are chocolate pieces and sprinkles in it. And that’s probably one of the reasons you wait 30 minutes before New York’s new in-store. To make sure: wow it really is as delicious as it sounds, but even one scoop of it is way too much. The consequence is roll yourself through the bed with stomach pain in the evening.



On Friday, I drove straight back into the city and explored Greenwich Village, Soho, Noho and the parts around. I had pasta in Little Italy and finally saw Times Square at night. A day in which I simply got a little intoxicated by this metropolis.



After the motto: 3 days in a row, I went to the city again on Saturday. This time on the program: Brunch! And what should I say? I’m still excited!! Brunch here in New York is something quite different, as with us in Germany. To order a burger here is not a rarity and perfectly normal.
We were in a small shop called Ruby’s in Soho, which I was recommended. Not without reason! The food was amazing and the atmosphere was super cool. Definitely worth a visit if you are nearby.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

With full stomach I decided to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to found the perfect end to my day.


Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, Klimt are just some of the names that have one of their famous works hanging there. But the Met has even more to offer! Whether it is about Asia, Egypt or the ancient Rome, history lovers will have their money’s worth. And even the fashionistas will have something to look at. Because the Met has a fashion exhibition together with the Conde Nast publishing house over the summer. All I can say is that the Met is incredible! There is a lot to see and as a “pay as you wish” museum, everyone can decide what their visit is worth them.






You see my week was once again eventful and still I have so many things to experience. So I hope to see you guys back to see what my third week here in New York will be about.

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