#1 New York

On Sunday the 16.07. It was time. Four weeks of New York were to come and I was, of course, totally nervous. From Düsseldorf, I flew about 8 hours to the USA, until I finally landed at New York’s airport John F. Kennedy.

Here in New York, I am taking a language course, especially to improve my written English for the blog. I take the course with Education First, on the campus in Tarrytown.


Arrived in New York I was directly welcomed by EF and after about an hour drive our we finally arrived in Tarrytown, Westchester in the state of New York. Tarrytown is a relatively small, very cute place, about 45 minutes by train from Manhattan. It’s not like busy Manhattan, but that is also good. Because I would probably not stand the trouble of the city for four weeks.

At the Campus we all had to acclimate first, because it is damn hot over here. We have explored the campus, got to know our rooms and tried to overcome our jet lag. And after the introductory event on Monday, we went directly to the city for a welcome tour for all new students.

By train we then went into the city that never sleeps and finally arrived at the beautiful train station the Grand Central. For all Gossip Girl fans a must See! And I must say, even though I was already in New York before: this station is simply tooooo beautiful. Already here you can see the exciting city life and the people who just seem to be in a hurry (like always).


We crossed Madison and Fifth Avenue since we arrived at Rockefeller Center – the Top of the Rock. Also for me it was the first time on the Rockefeller Center. Previously I had just been on the Empire State Building .. But I have to say, from here the view is almost even nicer because you’ll get a photo of the Skyline even WITH the Empire State Building.


After we made 100 photos we went on to Times Square – the place of a thousand lights. The advertisements and big screens are just incredibly impressive, although everything is probably a bit more spectacular when night comes. So that’s why we wanna go there again in the next time.


In addition to our first lessons and a lot of sleep, we explored our cute little town Tarrytown, here a few pictures …


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

On Wednesday I went again to Manhattan. This time, our destination was the Public Library, the 5th and Madison Avenue and the Central Park. It was very hot, but the shops on 5th Avenue are air-conditioned, so you get a cold shock from only passing them. Past St Patricks Cathedral, Bergdorf Goodman, the Trump Tower and New York’s famous Plaza hotel, we reached Central Park. And I just have to say: this is crazy. In the midst of this huge metropolis you will suddenly find this beautiful green area with its water, the squirrels and pigeons and the huge meadows. Of course, we did not cross the whole Park, because in that heat already a small round was incredibly strenuous.

In the park everything feels so relaxed and quiet at once and you can hardly hear the noise of the road traffic. It is fascinating!




The rest of the week we studied and as my courses always took place in the afternoon I could only drive back to town on Saturday. But that’s exactly what I did. Our program should be Brooklyn. I was so excited to go there and in the end I was only totally disappointed. In so many films Brooklyn is hailed as the coolest and hippest district of New York. The only thing I thought when I went through Brooklyn was: here it is anything but nice.

Well, I have to admit I’m not a local and maybe I was just in a wrong part, but my picture of Brooklyn was destroyed. But my mood got better when I finally saw the Brooklyn Bridge. I do not know what it is that I find it so beautiful, but I think I have took about 80 photos of it. Unfortunately, it was very crowded and there was hardly room to walk, but that’s how it is when you are in a city like New York.


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The Brooklyn Bridge crossed we decided for a late lunch in Soho. And before we found a restaurant, we noticed: everything we expected from Brooklyn was found here. Streetart on the walls, fire stairs at the houses, vintage shops and small, sweet restaurants.



After walking a bit through the neighborhood, we decided to go for a vegan, late lunch at “by Chloe”. And I must say: I love the store. We drank from coconuts, had one of the best Caesar Salads I’ve ever had in my life and the staff was just so nice. If your vegan, or even if not, and searching for a nice place for lunch I can definitely recommend you by Chloe.



Strengthened by the food we then wanted to explore Little Italy and Chinatown. Both a bit extravagant but somehow a part of New York and therefore definitely, if only short, worth visiting.

At the end of our day we got us some ice-rolls. Soooo delicious!


Although we had already walked 19,000 steps to this point, we decided to walk the last kilometers up to Grand Central. In the end it was actually 10,000 steps more until we finally fell dead-tired into our bed.

But unfortunately there was not much sleep, because my week should end with the biggest adrenaline kick ever. Where I got that? At Six Flags in Jackson New Jersey, about 1.5 hours away from Tarrytown. And people I can only tell you, even for someone who actually takes each roller coaster, this park was a real challenge. Whether standing up to our fear like Green Lantern, hanging face to floor to create a feeling of flying like Superman, or from 0 to over 200 km / h in less than 3.5 seconds – even I had great respect before going on these rides.

The more proud I am of myself, that I actually made it. The last named ride, the Kingda Ka, held the record as the highest and at the same time the fastest roller coaster in the world. It’s no longer the fastest but still the highest. See for yourself, this is the roller coaster:

Foto by Dusso Janladde, 2006 ©

Yes probably you guessed right. At the end of the acceleration path, the track travels vertical to a maximum height of 139 m, then downwards with a 270-degree rotation the 127 m on the other side. Depending on the weather, there is the very unlikely possibility of a “rollback” in which the train does not cross the apex and rolls back. And I have to tell you quite honestly: I am incredibly glad that it did not happen to me. That shock, I probably would not have survived.


For me as a rollercoaster freak it was the perfect ending of my first week and I’m so glad I visited the park.

So that’s it for my first week here in New York. I think it’s already a lot. I am looking forward for the next to come and tell you about it.


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