It’s my best friends Birthday !!!


Today I do not write about someone I met on the street or in the train. Today I would like to write about someone who means a lot to me.

Because my love, today is your birthday and unfortunately I can not be with you!
I speak of my best friend Katharina, or as I say: Käthe. I hope for each of you out there that you have a “Käthe” as I have it. Because I think everyone deserves a true friend.

Käthe and I do not have this typical best friend story, where they both hated each other in the beginning. Since we met in school a few years ago, we have always been very good friends – never really close, but understood well.

Really good friends we were only after the end of our school days, when I’ve already lived in Hamburg. And from then on it everything happened quite fast.
You have partly spent several days with me in Hamburg and we always met when I was home.

We went together to celebrate, ate french fries chipped with cheese. We laughed at each other, consoled us and encouraged each other when the other was bad. And yes, after two years in which we have done all this, I must say: Käthe you are my best friend and I could imagine no better!


You’re just as crazy as I am, and sometimes you’re talking so much that my ears are falling apart. I can talk to you for hours, but you have no problem when I have nothing to say.

You know when I’m bad and you know how to help me then. I can relax with you on the sofa but also really celebrate. With you everything is a little bit better, because no matter what happens I know: You are always there for me.

It does not matter if I call you in the middle of the night because I need your help and that is of course the same for you. I would leave everything for you if you need me and I hope you know that.


When I ask you about your opinion, I always feel that you are completely honest with me. Whether I look fat in a dress or whether I have a view that you do not represent. You never take a leaf to your mouth, and for that I am infinitely grateful to you! Because there are seldom people who can do that and there are rare people who are so brave to voice it then.

I honestly do not know what I would do without you, since you are the only one who listens to my everyday life and the only one who responds a long-running „Whatsapp“ voicemail to my nonsense, because you have enough nonsense to tell as well.

I trust only a few people as much as I do you. And I would rarely do things for other people that seem self-evident to do for you. Because Käthe you are unique. And for that I am incredibly grateful. I would not exchange you for anything in the world and I know that no one could ever take your place.
I know I’m not always easy and I know you often struggle with my way. And that is why I am so grateful for our friendship!



Today I would like to be with you and I’m so sorry that I can not. So I just hope that you have opened your package and found my bracelet and know: no matter how far away: I am always with you and you with me! I love you unbelievably and wish you a wonderful day today!

A very happy Birthday my dear !!!

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