3 months of Berlin


When I decided to do an internship in Berlin six months ago, I was not really enthusiastic at first. I was never a real Berlin fan. Somehow everything was too big, too alternative, too dirty

Today, after three months of German capital life, I can say: I’d like to come back. And everyone who knows me knows that my dream city actually has always been Hamburg. And yet I have to say: I felt at home in Berlin very quickly.

Because Berlin you are colorful. There is nothing that does not exist and you are free to live according to the motto: “I DO NOT CARE !!!” This is especially true of your clothing style. Everyone runs as he wants – a paradise for hipsters and those who want to become one.

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And I must say: Berlin you do not judge. It does not matter where you come from. No matter whether rich or poor, German or not German everyone is a part of you. As John F. Kennedy already said in 1963:“ Ich bin ein Berliner“. And that is exactly what I can confirm! I felt very comfortable in you and found my place quickly.
And Berlin, for that I must thank you!

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In the past three months, I’ve seen May demonstrations, rock festivals, drug dealing, and many other strange things. But also people, who sit in front of the kiosks until late at night and drink beer together, whether they are from Berlin or not. Berlin you have a place for everyone. Many may be frightened of that. And for me that was a thing I first had to get used to as well. But that belongs to you and makes you what you are today.

Because you have experienced a lot. The second world war, the DDR – all this has shaped you, is still today a part of you. A part of you which incredibly fascinates me and which always let me think when I look over the border crossing at Checkpoint Charlie, or in front the Holocaust memorial. You have a story like no other city in this world and people can feel that.


Even today it is a difference whether one lives in the east or in the west. Not because there are no Bananas in the East, but simply because it is a different way of life.

Berlin you are great, you may not always be beautiful, no you have experienced things, you know poverty. Living in you is an experience because you never really know what to expect today. And yes you are huge and a trip to the next district feels like an eternity. And yes you are dirty, you can not deny.

But what makes you beautiful is not your outward appearance, but the people who live in you and the history that you carry in you.
I can understand that people from all over the world travel to you, because they will never experience things like they do with you.

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Berlin you’re unique and I know very well, I’ll be back soon!

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