Crazy about Socks…

Foto: Pixabay 2011 ©

Socks – a topic you can discuss on for hours. Some think it is totally fine to give somebody socks for Christmas or birthday. Some might say this is a NO GO. Some people do not care whether they wear a pair of different socks, or whether their socks fit to their outfits or not. Nevertheless the sock culture has really changed. Brands like „Happy Socks“ created socks as a real It Piece. From colourful to printed you can find special socks in almost every store today. That’s why there are people for whom socks are one of the most important article of clothing. People like Philipp.

Already weeks ago I met Philipp at a Café in Berlin. When I arrived he was sitting at a table and talked to someone on the phone. Because of his strong British accent I directly knew he came from England. I sat down across him and began reading a book by Jane Austen. Philipp than hang off the phone, drunk his coffee and suddenly opened a big shopping bag. Gradually he then took out about thirty pairs of different socks.
I asked Philipp where he was from and whether he was a sock-seller. His response was one of the most curious things I ever heard in life.

„No I am no sock seller. But look at my feet. I think socks jazz up every outfit. Those are my 531st pair of socks. I travel to places all over the world to get new ones. Whether those are socks of Berlin and Kapstadt or socks of the Los Angeles Lakers or the New York Yankees. I have socks with bananas, ice cream or hot dogs. Some pair are just one coloured, some have dots or stripes. I have socks with dogs, cats, unicorns or lions. One of my favourite pair is my Frozen socks from the Disney movie. Yes I know this is a typical girls movie but I love the blue colours. Of course I have Star Wars socks, Cars and Planes socks as well. Disney socks have always really nice designs. I also love Happy Socks, they have one of the best qualities and they sometimes have theme packages. Like for Christmas they had great socks with Christmas trees and presents. Or for easter some with eggs and bunnies.

Yes I know you now think I am crazy. But why shouldn’t I be collecting socks? Other people collect Sneakers, Bags or Teddys. And for me it’s socks. I think socks tell something about your personality. I mean does anyone like people with tennis-socks? I don’t really think so! People wearing stylish socks are mostly outgoing, they trust in their skills and of course they are just f*cking stylish.

And can I tell you one thing? I can not understand people not caring about socks, probably wearing it with holes in it. I mean we live in a society where all people do is caring about their looks, whether it is women wearing make up or men care about their beard. You buy expensive shoes, bags or whatever and then you do not care about whats underneath? It’s like you wear a shabby bra or pants. No one wants that and nobody wants it to see from others.“

Philipp showed me again why I love what I write about on this blog. Because I sometimes meet people who are totally different. Some who have a completely different opinion on life. And that’s what I personally think these stories are so interesting. I mean I knew what Philipp wanted me to tell and I do understand that we should care about all of our look, if we do care at all 😉 But that’s not a reason for me to say: ok, I need hundreds of different socks now. But thats ok and as Philipp said, some collect Bags, some collect Shoes. Some are crazy about Cars, some about Teddys and some about Movies.
So what do you guys are crazy about? I think for me this question is easy: it’s DISNEY!!!!

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