About an Island and its Image – SYLT

Tomorrow it is time again: I will go to my favourite place:  SYLT, probably Germany’s most beautiful island.


An island which has a lot to offer. And whose reputation is being drawn through the muck espacially on a weekend like Whitsun. Because of an image that does not even affect the majority of the island.

So here is a blog entry about the beauty of an island that people easily forget, because that is in general not what you are talking about when it comes to Sylt.

Dear Sylt,

It probably did not even take a day until I fell in love with your beauty and felt at home on you. Your everlasting beaches that tickles my feet. Your incredible dunes, which I had never seen before. Your bike paths and your roads. Your beautiful sea. But also your delicious restaurants, your beautiful shops, your varied people. And most importantly, your unpredictable weather! Regardless of whether it is sun, rain, wind, sea fog or very rarely snow – somehow you are always beautiful.

And that’s what makes me so sad. When people visit you, for many it has such a bitter taste. It is not usually called: Oh wow you go to Sylt, it is so beautiful  there. No, in most cases it says: Oh wow you go to Sylt, you seem to have enough money to spend.

Because yes, what I love about you is unfortunately only one side of the coin. On the other hand, people see you as the island of the rich and beautiful. As an island where you can only go on holiday, if you make enough money, carry an expensive car or wear designer clothes. And believe me: I hate it when you are seen like that. Because the people who say that aren’t allowed to judge about you, because they have mostly never visited you. Somehow I have the need to clean up with this prejudice. Because you are not like that!

So back to a point that I love about you: the variety of your visitors. You do not judge rich or poor. Thick or thin. Whether it’s a raincoat or a fur coat, whether it’s a backpack or designer bag. You have a place for everyone. From List to Hörnum.

It is a pity that people often do not recognize this and that they judge without making a own picture of you. Because actually you are quite normal, apart from the weirdos who think they would have to splash their 2000 € champagne through the area or throw it in front of taxis. But that belongs to you. And that’s exactly why you’re unique.

And even if there are many people who say you’re not beautiful. I think in Germany there are little nicer places and I am always happy to visit you again. So let the others talk, I love you just as you are.

4 thoughts on “About an Island and its Image – SYLT

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  1. Hi Theresa,
    ja diese Insel ist so abwechslungsreich, schön und einzigartig, dass man davon gefangen wird.
    Und wer Budersand gespielt hat, wird einen weiteren topographischen Punkt auf Sylt schätzen, respektieren und lieben lernen.

    Viel Spaß aus Sylt

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  2. Could write so many words but you still did and you had found the best words about this island… where Marita and me just spend 6 holy days…. Achim

    Liked by 1 person

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