In love with Rollercoasters & Harry Potter

First of all: sorry for my eternal absences. In the meantime, a lot has changed in my life and I had rarely time to work on my blog. But here is a promise: from now on, there will be more blogposts again. So look forward to new exciting travel experiences and inspiring stories.

Today, however, we have a continuation of previous entries. As you probably already noticed, my trip to Orlando, Florida was primarily a visit to amusement parks.

I have already introduced you to some of them in the last two entries “A Trip to the happiest Place on Earth” part I and part II. For real roller coasters and leisure park attractions-junkies, however, there is something more to experience: the Universal Studios Orlando. At least all Harry Potter fans will get their money’s worth here! But also Marvel fans, Jurassic Park Lover and Moviejunkies in general! The park consists of two individual parks, for which you also have to buy separate tickets. Let’s start with the actual studios. This part of the park is all about the Minions, Transformers, the Mummy, the Men in Black and also a part of the Harry Potter Wizarding World.


My absolute favorite attraction and the most awesome among the adrenaline bombs you’ll find right at the beginning of the park: the Rip Ride Rockit Roller Coaster. As a roller coaster freak I can only say: you should not miss, if you’re up to a big  portion of action. Raised up in 90 degrees, it goes down on the other side almost as steeply again. A breathtaking ride with lots of breaks and turns follows. A cool feature: from a total of 30 songs, you can choose a song that you will hear during the entire journey.


My second highlight in this part of the park was definitely the Transformers simulator, which is to save the All-Spark and bring it out of the city. Super real and insane action. Not just for men a must see! Although most of the women are probably more likely to spend their time in the Minion simulator, where the guest is simulated a free running in the role of a minion , which is really fun as well.

Of course, the biggest highlight of the two parks is the world’s first Harry Potter Wizarding World. From the main park you enter the world into Diagon Alley where you can get a magical wand at Olivander’s or Puking Pastilles in the Weasley shop beside other magics such as brooms and books. The highlight: the animated roller coaster in the leaks of the Gringotts bank  known from the last Harry Potter movie. The attention to detail and actors who work as wizards make the experience incredibly authentic.



But the Harry Potter experience does not end there yet !! If you have a ticket for the second park, you can take the Hogwartsexpress in the direction of Hogsmeade directly from platform 9 ¾. In Hogsmeade, the magic goes along. Whether a butterbeer in the 3 broomsticks, Bertie botts beans in the honey pot or a flight on a dragon (roller coaster recommendation!). In this part of the park there is a lot to experience as well! Fans can even discover a reduced version of the Hogwarts castle.




In addition to Harry Potter, the Adventure Island is mainly concerned with the Marvel Universe and Jurassic Park. A complete world around the time of the dinosaurs and different super hero attractions also make this part of the park a real experience.

My personal conclusion: For those of you who do not spend every second night of their lives watching the Harry Potter films (like me) and are therefore happy with only seeing one part of the park, I would recommend to decide thematically for one of the two parks . It is firstly very expensive to visit both parks and one day is defintely too little time to see everything in both parks. If it is worth the money and you maybe have two days of time I can definitely recommend you both parks! Universal is generally more suitable for an older audience, small children will be less likely to get their money’s worth than in the nearby Disney parks. Nevertheless a visit for each amusement park-junkies is a MUST !!

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  1. Viele Erinnerungen für mich. Obwohl ich vor 14 Jahren das letzte Mal in Orlando war. Tolle Bilder, sehr schön geschrieben.
    Gut das du wieder online bist 👍!

    Liked by 1 person

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