9.203,60 Kilometers


Hamburg and Bogota are 9.203,60 kilometers away from each other. So are Julius and his girlfriend Isabella. Because the two have been in a long-distance relationship for 4 years now.
When I wanted to pick up my boyfriend from Hamburg airport on Thursday evening, I noticed a nervous young man next to me. He could not sit still for more than two minutes, was breathing heavily, and constantly stared at the display of incoming flights. I do not really have to ask why he behaved like that. If I havn’t seen my boyfriend for two weeks, it’s the same to me. The difference between Julius and me: he has not seen his girlfriend for more than half a year. I try to calm him, distract him and it works surprisingly well. He tells me about himself and his Isabella.

“Actually, she wanted to fly to Germany already over Christmas and New Year. But she got sick and could not make the trip. Now she has semester breaks and will stay in Hamburg for one and a half months. “

Julius is 25 years old. After he graduated from school five years ago he went to South America for a year. One of his stops: Colombia.

“I’ve been with friends to a bar in Bogotá. I’ve seen her and I know I never wanted to spend my life without her again. But she did not see that! At first she was totally repulsive, had no interest at all. She thought I was one of those tourists who just wanted a One Nights stand. She still gave me her number and was fine with having lunch the next day. I tried to prove to her that I was not one of these men. We understood each other incredibly well, laughed a lot, and it felt as if I had known Isabella for years. It did not take long until I fell in love with her. Unfortunately, I did not stay long in Bogotá because my friends and I had planned a trip to Venezuela. But I knew at the end of our round trip I would return. “

Julius traveled for another two months through South America until he returned to Bogotá.

“When I returned, my heart broke. She had a boyfriend because she had no longer expected me to come back again. But I did not want to leave it that way. I did not want to fly back to Germany without knowing that she had fallen in love with me as well . And I should be right. At first we met secretly, but after two weeks she decided to end the relationship. I could not have been happier. However, I knew I had only two weeks with her before it went back to Germany for me. In my home town Hamburg I already had a place to study. “

Things took their course. Julius went back to Germany and began an economics degree. He visited Isabella during the semester breaks in Colombia, sometimes she visited him here in Germany.

“It was not always easy but we both knew we’re ment to be together. I have never doubted that she is the one. Even today I have a tingling sensation when I see her. “
Meanwhile, the two are together for over 4 years. Julius will finish his master’s degree next year, Isabella is doing her bachelor this year.
“After the bachelor’s degree, Isabella would like to move to Germany. We would like to find a common apartment. So far this was not possible due to her studies. And of course, because she does not want to leave her family. For me, however, it is not an option to go to Colombia. The country is beautiful, no question! But we have the better options here. “

When the doors open towards us, I do not have to ask who Isabella is. She is smiling at least as much as Julius. She lets her baggage fall off and jumps into his arms. It’s like a moment in all those Hollywood movies and it’s contagious – you can just be happy with them. They are a beautiful couple!

If I look at Julius and Isabelle’s current situation, I am grateful that I am not in the same situation. Even if I constantly drown myself in self-compassion, because I have not seen my boyfriend for two weeks, I have to say: Theresa, there are people who have it much heavier than you. From Hamburg to Berlin that is a big difference between Bogotá to Hamburg . I just need two hours when I go by ICE. Isabella takes 13 hours of pure flight time. She’s on the way for more than half a day. It shows to me again that I probably should not always complain that much. But simply be satisfied and grateful.
I wish the two of them that they will always remain happy together. And that they never lose their tingling in their tummies.

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