A Trip to the happiest Place on Earth – (prt. II)

The third of the four parks are the Hollywood Studios dedicated to film and television. Especially shows like the “Indiana Jones Stuntshow” or “The Beauty and the Beast” can be found in this park. Over the years, the park has continued to evolve with its attractions. One of the main attractions is the freefall tower “Tower of Terror – The Twilight Zone”. The visitors plunge into the depths with an elevator of an abandoned hotel. I must say the Chinese grandma on the square next to me was visibly more relaxed than me.


Another attraction, which is more suitable for adrenaline junkies is the “Rock’n ‘Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith”, where you are catapulted from 0 to 100 into a looping and sounding through the darkness while listening to Aerosmith music .


Also for Toy Story fans the park has a great attraction. With 3-D spectacles, the visitor travels through a game paradise and must compete with his seat neighbors to collect most of the toys. Fun factor enormously high!
Apart from the scenes of the New York Skyline or the Golden Gate Bridge, the park also offers a large Star Wars Area and everything related to film. Therefore he is definitely worth a visit!

The most recent park is Animal Kingdom, which is with 250 hectares also the largest of the four parks. It is neither a zoo nor a real amusement park, which makes it so special at the same time. The park is divided into the theme countries Africa, Asia, DinoLand U.S.A., Rafiki’s Planet Watch and Discovery Island and is distributed around the huge “Tree of Life” in the middle of the park.


A trip through the African savannah with the “Kilimanjaro Safari” should definitively have been made . It is probably the main attraction of the park and therefore mostly very crowded. Nevertheless, it is fascinating to observe the animals in the middle of the US Sunshinestate. In the Asian part of the park, the visitors are attracted mainly to the roller coaster ride “Expedition Everest”, where you go backwards down a mountain and meet a Yeti by the way. Other attractions in the park include: The Darkride “Dinosaur” and the rafting “Kali River Rapids”. This year an Avatar Area is to be created. If you want to have a completely different experience of leisure park and would like to meet Balu the bear or Pocahontas you are exactly right here.


From originally three existing water parks there are still two left in the Walt Disney World. The newer of the two parks is Blizzard Beach. Based on a legend, it is built like a ski resort. After a strong snow storm in the area, a businessman wanted to open Florida’s first ski resort. The snow did not stay long. There was a mountain with water-filled ski-balls and a chair-lift. The facility was to be closed until an alligator slid down and landed in a water basin. Afterwards, the ski resort was reopened as a water park. Most of the slides begin on the artificial 27-meter-high Mount Rushmore, where you can get either on foot or by ski-lift.


The slides are subdivided into three categories: green, violet and red. The green category includes the “Summit Plummet”, the largest slide in the park. With a height of 36 meters it is not only the second highest but also the second fastest free-falling slide in the world. Depending on weight and size, visitors can reach up to 90 kilometre per hour. In the summer the waiting time for this slide is endless, sometimes you have to wait more than two hours  for the adrenaline rush.

The second (and my absolute favorite) slide of the green slope is the “Teamboat Springs”. The whitewater rafting slide offers space for up to 6 members in the rubber boots. The slide is recommended for all ages.

For those of you who do not trust “Summit Plummet” I recommend the “Slush Gusher”, the third slide of the green slope. On the 27 meters high and 76 meters long slide visitors can reach a maximum speed of 56 km / h. By two small elements the skidding loses momentarily the contact to the slide and has the feeling to fly (for me personally that was already too much !!).

On the other two slopes there are again six slides, which can be slipped partly with mats or tires and are rather something for the more leisurely sliders. Another highlight is the wave pool at the foot of Mount Gushmore as well as the tire stream that runs around the whole park. With a total of 7 access and exit options, the canal follows the Hop on, Hop off principle and leads the visitor to all major attractions.

Like Blizzard Beach also the second water park, Typhoon Lagoon  is based on a legend. A typhoon, messes around in a so far untouched paradise. Ships, fishing gear and surfboards are scattered where the storm has thrown them. The heart of the park is “Miss Tilly”, a shrimp boat impaled on a mountain called “Mount Mayday”, spitting out a huge water fountain every half an hour.


In addition to several water slides, one of the world’s largest wave pools and a similar hop on, hop off channel as in Blizzard Beach, my park favorite was a very special animal experience and a way-out cool down. Equipped with snorkel and diving goggles, visitors can snorkel through an unheated saltwater reef. The highlight: rays, sharks and other nice fish, which you probably will not face every day. Of course, everything very humanly and absolutely confident and above all for a cooling incredibly pleasant.

Also a visit to Disney Springs should not be missing on your trip. There are numerous Disney souvenir shops, such as a special Christmas shop or a complete Star Wars and Avenger shop. But also shops like Sephora, Zara, UGG or Kate Spade can be found here. Culinary Disney Springs offers a lot too. Whether the Rainforest Cafe, Fulton’s Crab House or Little Italy – you’ll find something for every taste. And there is always something for the little visitors! Disney Springs is also a permanent location of a Cirque du Soleil show. In the evening there are always some artists who perform on the numerous stages around the lake in the middle of the complex. Especially in the evening you experience a lot in Disney Springs, which is why you should definitely visit it after a day at the parks. Disney Springs is constantly expanding and always brings new surprises! Have fun!


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