A Trip to the happiest Place on Earth – (prt. I)


I am probably  one of the biggest Disney fans in this world (except Frozen, sorry but the hype I can not understand!). And I think for every Disney fan, it’s pretty much the greatest thing to go where all this magic is at home – DISNEYLAND.
Today I do not want to tell you about any Disneyland in Hong Kong or Paris. But about the largest existing magical world – the Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Orlando in the US Sunshinestate Florida. Overall, the complex is divided into four major theme parks, two water parks, Disney Springs, as well as numerous Disney hotels, a golf course and more specials. For every Disney fan an absolute dream and the purest paradise!
I would like to give you an overview of the parks and tell you about my highlights. Shortly before: in principle, there is no optimal travel time for the parks – it will always be full there and in the main attractions you have to expect a partial 90-minute waiting period. In summer, it can be partly up to 40 degrees Celsius, so if you do not want to wait in the blazing sun, you should avoid June to September. However, you will experience some great attractions are locked outside the main season (I have once experienced it in February).  For the early risers among you: try to be there to open the park and secure a free fast pass which gives you accelerated entrance to the attractions. For the night owls, go to the park again later, when most families are gone and the attractions are empty. In the main season the parks are mostly open up to 12, partly up to 1 clock at night and roller coaster ride at night is also worth an experience. Overall you should have a lot of patience when you travel with children. But unlike leisure parks in Germany, America has a very different claim. Here, the waiting area is painstakingly designed and shortens the waiting time by the attention to detail. But now enough! Let’s get started…

Magic Kingdom is the oldest of the four theme parks and was built after the original Disneyland in California. Characteristic of him is the Cinderella Castle, which everyone knows from the opening credits of the Disney movies.


And here is my first note: Do not be disappointed! The castle is probably not as big as you imagine it and instead of seeing it completely from inside you will only be able to pass through the gate in the middle. All in all, the park can then be subdivided into seven theme countries, although the seventh is not properly defined and has already been changed several times. Here is a park plan so you can find out what I am talking about.


Let’s start with Main Street. There are various souvenir shops, a Starbucks and other restaurants and cafés. It leads straight from the entrance to the main square of the park and to Cinderella Castle – you must necessarily cross it. From here you can also observe the parades and the fireworks in the evening. The dates are seasonal. Most of the time, however, there is a fantasy parade in the afternoon as well as an electric parade at darkness with subsequent light show and fireworks above the castle. Especially the electric parade and the fireworks I can only recommend! It’s just magical.




Tomorrowland is all about the future. Here you can find Buzz Lightyear’s SpaceRanger Spin or the indoor dark-shooter Space Mountain. Especially guys will be able to enjoy this part of the park.

The Storybook Circus, formerly Micky’s Toontown Fairy, is the before named seventh, undefinable area. What attractions to see in this area is unclear. You will find the popular Dumbo Karrussel in twofold execution here, as well as a children’s Goofy rollercoaster.

The small visitors will feel comfortable especially at the Fantasyland. Here Peter Pan, Arielle, the Seven Dwarfs as well as Winnie the Pooh and the Disney princesses are at home. Particularly lovingly designed is the boat trip “it’s a small world” through the countries of this world. Earworm included. In this part of the park there will probably be the longest waiting times. However also the most beautiful attractions!

Let’s go to Liberty Square, where everything revolves around the time of the American Revolution. The “Hall of Presidents” or the haunted house “Haunted Mansion” can be found here.

Fans of the Wild West will feel comfortable in Frontierland. The “Big Thunder Mountain” roller coaster and “Splash Mountain” (one of my absolute favorites) are the most popular attractions here.

In the last part of the park, Adventureland, everything revolves around the journey to foreign countries. There is also a Caribbean market square here. The Pirates of the Caribbean are also at home here. A trip by boat through the world of Jack Sparrow I can definitely recommend!
Overall, I have to say that I find Magic Kingdom is the most beautiful of the four Disneyparks. You meet the classic Disney characters and there is something for every age.

After Magic Kingdom, the Walt Disney Resort was followed by the Epcot Center, which was named  after Walt Disney’s  idea of a model city “Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow”. The park symbol is the Spaceship Earth, the gigantic geodesic dome, right at the entrance of the park. Basically, the park is divided into the theme areas Future World and World Showcase and is concerned with the technological progress of mankind and the different cultures of the world.


The main attractions in the Future World are the “Spaceship Earth”, where you can take a trip through the development of communication, as well as the “test track”, where visitors can design their own car and send it to the test track. The Simulator attraction “Mission SPACE” created a real picture of a rocket flight to Mars by using the centrifugal force. After two guests died in hospital after the ride, Disney moderated the attraction.

The world showcase is composed of the following eleven countries: Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, USA, Japan, Morocco, France, UK and Canada. Country-specific clothing, specialties and architecture are just some of the things you can discover here.

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