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For birthday I gave my boyfriend two tickets for a flight to Vienna – on the first December we finally went off. We should go from Berlin Tegel on Friday evening around 9 clock. The emphasis is on should. Over an hour later than planned we finally began boarding. I was completely annoyed, because there was not even a logical reason for the delay. Completely stressed, because our Airbnb host already waited for a long time, we arrived in Vienna at about half past 11. Quickly grabbed a taxi and off to the city.

Our Airbnb was close to the Prater and the larger trainstation Praterstern, the connection was perfect. Overall, the apartment was only about a quarter of an hour away from city center (Stephansdom). Perfect for a weekend getaway!

The airbnb was small but adequate for a short trip. Our host was super friendly and gave us nice tips. For a short trip it is simply an advantage to get tips from a local, because you usually have only a short time to explore the whole city.

The next morning we started punctually into the day to see as much of the city as possible. On the way to the city I was shocked at first. It looked worse than in the ugly corners of Berlin (sorry to all those who like Berlin). We had breakfast at the Ramasouri  in the Praterstrasse, because the restaurant belonged to our Airbnb host. The breakfast was good, the price fair and the atmosphere comfortable. Even if the waiters were all a bit planned, for those, who are not yet familiar with Vienna, it is surely a good address.

After breakfast we went on to the city center. And quickly my picture of Vienna changed. The city is old, historical and you can just love its beautiful buildings. I especially liked the Stephansdom, the National Library and the Viennese „Hofburg“. If you are in Vienna for the first time you should definitely see these things!





Since it was already pre-Christmas time, everything was adorned and there were many Christmas markets or as they are called in Austria: Christkindlmarkets. But beware – some things are different there than on German Christmas markets, since it can happen that you have to pass the identification card for an apple pike. I especially liked the Christmas market at the town hall, with its huge ice skating rink (unfortunately I am untalented and did not want to break my bones) but nevertheless it is nicely done.

In Vienna many things are within walking distance, so we could see all the important stations in the city center. Otherwise, the Austrians, of course, have a well-functioning suburban rail network.

In the evening we visited the Christmas market again, because that was the actual reason for our trip. In addition to the Christmas spirit there was a bit of snow in the evening – it could not have been more beautiful.

The next day we made our way to Schönbrunn Palace. On the way we had breakfast at the Eduard . And also this breakfast place I warmly recommend. The neighborhood in which it is located looks rather cranky, but the breakfast is excellent. And also the other dishes looked absolutely delicious.

Arrived in Schönbrunn my personal disappointment was great. But this is probably due to the fact that for me no palace could be more beautiful than the Buckingham Palace (yes, I love London). This is not to say that Schönbrunn and its area are ugly and they are definitely a must if you visit Vienna. But probably my expectations were too high that they simply could not be complied.

Because our flight was only in the evening, we decided to go back to the city center and to visit Empress Sissi. For all of you who are Sissi fans so far – do not count on the fact that you are still after leaving the Sissi Museum. The young lady wasn’t the beautiful, loving Empress, as often depicted in movies. No, she has deceived her husband, hated her children and only did her own thing. Nevertheless, the museum is worth a visit because there are beautiful exhibits to see. The price is fair and you get an Audioguide for free.

When we then went to the airport, were already very tired and really only wanted to go home, the disaster happened. Again our flight was delayed because of foggy weather in Berlin. The plane came around two hours late and could not even land at the planned airport because of the night-flying ban in Berlin Tegel. Well airberlin – at least you could be kind to your passengers!

But now away with the bad mood: all in all we had a nice time in Vienna and the historical core of the city impressed me very much. Nevertheless, I have to say that the Austrians in Vienna were rather unfriendly – unlike one knows it from ski resorts for example. A city for living it would not be for me, but a short trip (especially in winter) I would do again every time! Then I’ll just take a different airline.














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