Dear Mr. Obama!

This is my personal thanks to the probably coolest President in the history of the United States of America – Mr. Barack Obama!

Foto via Obama 

Thank you for letting us believe in ourselves. Thank you for being so down-to-earth in all these years. Thank you for showing us that you are also just a human being. Thanks for any funny dance. Thank you for being such a great family that stands together no matter what. Thank you for every spark of hope you have given to people. Thanks for any funny joke or speech, especially when dropping the microphone – “Obama out”. Thank you for every moment from the white house that you shared with us. Thank you for showing us that you are failing too.

Thank you for showing us you make mistakes as well. But thank you also that you always admitted these faults. Thank you for trying to prevent this full idiot from becoming your successor. And thank you for the fairness you showed him when he actually did it. Thanks for a health insurance that did not work as you wanted, but it was a start. And with that you were a step further than your predecessors. Thank you for showing us that you should not be too serious.

Thank you for teaching us to fight for the things we dream about and for showing us that the skin color is not decisive for what you can become in life. Thank you for giving people in your country a perspective and thank you for being the most relaxed and coolest president in history!

Thanks for today’s emotional farewell, and thank you for never forgetting where you come from and to whom you belong to.

But I not only want to thank you. But also your wife. For the appropriate words she has found in her speeches. For the hope she gave to women all over the world. For being life-threatening. And that she has always supported you in everything. You were a brilliant team!

Although Obama did not do everything right in his time as President, and he also failed in many ways – for his country, he was probably one of the best representatives the United States ever had. A man who was the first dark-skinned to enter the white house. The man who fought from the very bottom to the most powerful man in the world. The man who knew what it looked like at the bottom and who never forgot about that.

Mr. Obama, I wish you all the best for your future journey. I’m sure we’ll hear from you soon!

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