Today I would like to tell you something about my trip to Stockholm and give you some tips for your own one. On Thursday, September the 1st, I set out for Stockholm with my boyfriend from Berlin Schönefeld airport. We flew with Norwegian Airlines and found some really cheap tickets. I was very sold on Norwegian as it is the first European airline to have free WLAN on board. For me with my fear of flying the best that could have happened to me, so I could distract myself with Instagram and Whatsapp. Anyway I wanted to enjoy the landing on Stockholm. As we landed at about 11pm in Sweden’s capital, it was already dark and the whole city has lit up.

Arrived at the airport Stockholm Arlanda we got to city center by Arlanda Express. The train takes about half an hour to Stockholm main station and the ticket prices are about 50 € per person for round trip. You can already book these online in advance and simply call them via an app that you can also download for free. The Express is definitely the cheapest and fastest way to get to Stockholm city center. And believe me it’ll still get expensive enough 😉

When we arrived at the station we were looking for a cab that should take us to our Airbnb. And I tell you, I think I have never paid so much money for such a short cab ride. Especially if the taxi driver decides to take part in a slug race 😉

However, when we arrived in our beautiful apartment the trouble was directly forgotten. The apartment was small and so cozy that we immediately felt at home. Busted by the flight and the unnecessary cab ride we fell directly into bed, which was pretty much the most cozy bed I ever slept in.

The next days we discovered the beautiful city, which consists of many small islands. To get around the city it is easiest way to get a ticket for public transport. This includes trains, busses and boats. For tourists, there are also 3 or 4 – day tickets so you do not have to buy a new one every day. We also visited different museums and ate overpriced food in bad resturants. And here is my next tip to you: Inform you about resturants on the Internet e.g. TripAdvisor or anywhere else. The food will be expensive, because that is Stockholm anyway. And it would be a shame if you do not like it then.


All in all, Stockholm was quite cold in September and if it was windy and covered I could have already put on my winter jacket. Nevertheless, the city is beautiful even in bad weather. Stockholm is a very old town, with lots of water and beautiful little districts. And there are especially 3 things I would definitely recommend you to look at:

1) Gamla Stan: This is the Old Town of Stockholm with many small streets, cafés and small sweet shops. You can also find the royal palace there, which brings me to my second tip.

2) Royal Palace: The palace of the Swedish royal family is definitely worth a visit. One can not only look at the crown jewels, but also at the royal apartments which are still partly used today.


3) Vasa Museum: The Vasa Museum is probably Stockholm’s most famous museum. The Vasa was a 17th century war ship and is today the world’s only surviving ship from that time. With 95% original parts it can be seen in this museum. Yes, maybe some think it’s just a ship. Believe me, I thought the same. Nevertheless, it is really impressive!


For museum lovers, however, Stockholm offers not only this museum. In addition to Abba Museum and Nordic Museum, there are also historical and technical ones and the Fotografiska, which I would have liked to visit so much. So there is something for everyone. The good: Stockholm offers a passport for which you pay once and then gets entrance to more than 60 sights.


On Sunday we got out of our apartment in the morning. To all those, especially travelling to a city, whether you think of booking Airbnb or a hotel – I would recommend Airbnb! This was my first time and I certainly made a great experience but it is definitely something different than staying in a hotel. We then stored our luggage in a locker at the main station . This has worked great and was exceptionally not that expensive. In the evening we went back to the airport and unfortunately back home.

My conclusion of this trip:

Stockholm has beautiful corners. I think especially in the summer the city shows itself from a very special side. However, you have to be aware that it will be an expensive trip, because food and sights cost a lot of money.

One thing I particularly noticed is.: As a person who is not Swedish, it is relatively difficult to find one’s feet in the city, since little is translated into English. But somehow you always get it.

For anyone who has always wanted to go to Sweden. I highly recommend Stockholm. It was a wonderful weekend.  So look forward to your next trip …

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