Everything happens for a Reason

Foto via keyer-soze.de 

Sometimes I wonder where I would probably be today if I had decided otherwise yesterday.I think that some things in life happen for a certain reason. To guide us on our way.I don’t want to claim everything is predetermined and I do not want to judge whether one believes in destiny or coincidence . But in my opinion there are some happenings that do not simply happen by chance.

That’s what I noticed again when I met Tobias. I came into the Keyser Soze, a small cafe in Berlin Mitte, when I was seeing him sitting there with his cappucino and a book in which he wrote something I couldn’t figure out. There was something about him that I was interested in. Perhaps the fact he was one of the few people using a piece of paper and a pen instead of a laptop. Someone not listening to music or playing around with his smartphone.I think when I asked Tobias if he would tell me something about him, he thought his life would be unspectacular. But Tobias .. It is not at all!

Tobias is Swiss. He actually comes from Zurich but since August he lives in Berlin for about 6 months. Contrary to my assumption he was a writer or an actor he told me that he was a musician. To be exact a saxophonist. After school he began to study jazz and is still faithful to this genre today. He is playing for different bands as a freelance musician. Here in Berlin he spends most of his time in cafes, writing in his book – a sort of diary to organize his thoughts. When asked why he has become a musician, he had no real answer. He said it was simply clear to him. But the reason why he had begun to play the saxophone he could tell me exactly.

 “At the time I was seven years old and had a crush on the elder girl next door. She also played saxophone and that’s why I decided to start it too. I had fun and got better the more I practiced.”

After our conversation, I asked myself where Tobias would stand today if he was living in a different district when he was young. If the neighbor’s child had been a boy or if the girl would not have played saxophone but tennis. Perhaps he would now be the new world number one in tennis with three Grand Slam titles and Olympic gold. Sometimes we take decisions, as you can see, out of insignificant reasons. Decisions which cause a lot. Yes maybe Tobias would still be a musician today.

But maybe this all happened for a very specific reason. And maybe … Just maybe Tobias, you one day meet the girl next door again to tell her why you began what you call your job today.

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