62 Days – Escape from Syria

Foto: AFP via Tagesspiegel.de

Terrorism, war and escape – all these are issues we are confronted with almost every single day. We can count ourselves happy if we are the ones who only hear from it in the news. Since I can not imagine how terrible it must be to worry about ones life everyday and to fall asleep in the evening hoping you and your family wake up the next morning. In my opinion health, love, family and safety are the biggest presents life can give to us. Unfortunately this privilege is not given to everybody. Today I want to tell you about someone who exactly this was not given to.

I was on my way to the city when I first met Nadim. He was getting on the underground one stop after mine and despite many empty seats he sat down next to me. This had to be a sign.
Nadim comes from Syria and I must admit at first it was unpleasant to me to ask him about his story until he told me he was good about it.
For a little more than 7 months Nadim now lives here in Hamburg. In Syria he originally lived near Aleppo which is the second biggest city after Damaskus.
But since the insurrection against the Assad regime and the begin of the civil war his home was no safety place any longer.
Already in 2013 Nadim and his family moved into the southern part of the country but with the worsening of the conflict and a constant living in fear they decided to escape from Syria to Europe.
Through his profession as an engineer it was possible for him to pay the expensive smugglers and escape via Turkey and the Mediterranean sea to Greece. From there via Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Hungary and Austria he then arrived in Germany. All in all it took them 62 days since they came to Hamburg. What Nadim then said to me touched me to the core.

„It was one of the happiest and relieving moments of my life when I got off the train at Hamburg central station. I knew this would not be the start of something easy now but what I new was I could fall asleep in the evening knowing my wife and my two beautiful children are safe tonight. The thought something might happen to my children burdened me for a long time. Because that is not the course of events. Children do not die before their parents.“

Today Nadim has found a new job here in Hamburg. Although he only earns little money and therefore can not afford an own apartment by now he is very happy. Once a week he and his wife visit a german course and for someone who is only living in Germany for half a year Nadim knows much about our language. Just before getting off the underground Nadim said to me:

„My biggest luck is seeing my children playing with other refugee kids. They can simply be children. I am glad I came to Germany. When I come home from work I see my wife and my children smile. That’s all I want in life.“

Talking to Nadim really made me think about life. I never had to worry about anything and I guess that’s why I often don’t appreciate the small things. Thereby it is much more of value to wake up in the morning healthy and to have family and friends who love you, than driving an expensive car or earning a lot of money. Speaking to him opened my eyes for things I never really thank for. Most of the things I do not appreciate a lot but take them for granted, although they are definitely not. That’s why I wanna say thank you now.
Thanks to best family I could ask for. Thank you that I can rely on you and for supporting me no matter what. Thank you to my two best friends for lighting up my day even it is down to the worst. Thank you to my boyfriend for bearing me no matter how annoying I am because I wanna eat fries or go to Disneyland.
Thanks to anything that makes sure I am healthy, get educated and be happy.
And lastly thank you Nadim for inspiring me to write this blog entree and to make me realising about the really important things in life.
I hope you liked it and I got your story right.

2 thoughts on “62 Days – Escape from Syria

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    1. Liebe Lu, vielen Dank für dein tolles Feedback, darüber freue ich mich sehr 🙂
      Wow das wäre total toll! Darüber würde ich mich sehr freuen! Müsstest mich ganz normal unter meinem Namen Theresa Philipps finden 🙂

      Freue mich von dir zu hören!!!
      Lieben Gruß Theresa 🙂


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