there’s always two sides…

  german version: Er ist einer der Besten aus Deutschland in dem was er tut und trotzdem ist er einer der bodenständigsten und bescheidensten Menschen, die ich kenne. Er hat ein wahnsinnig ansteckendes Lachen und er ist unglaublich witzig (auch wenn ich das niemals öffentlich zugeben würde). Und obwohl sein Terminkalender wahrscheinlich voll von anderen, wichtigeren... Continue Reading →

new year, new concept

          german version: Es ist Monate her, dass ich einen neuen Blogeintrag hochgeladen habe. Viele von Euch haben mir geschrieben, mich gefragt was eigentlich los sei. Heute will ich euch eine Antwort geben. Eine Antwort, in der ich viele Dinge über mich und mein Leben preisgeben werde. Denn ich schreibe immer... Continue Reading →

One year of blogging

Today, exactly one year ago, I uploaded my very first blogpost and decided to talk to strangers on the streets. A year in which a lot has changed. In my personal life as well as on the blog. New categories, new themes, a new design, even a new domain. The blog has grown, has gained... Continue Reading →

#4 New York

It's been four weeks since I came back from New York. About eight weeks ago I started my journey to the city of dreams. A month in one of the largest metropolises in the world was. In a city that does carry the name "The city that never sleeps" for a good reason. For four... Continue Reading →

#3 New York

  A little late I wanted to tell you about my third week in New York. It was relatively relaxed, because I simply wanted to spend a lot of time with the girls I met during my time here. So we sunbathed by the pool, played tennis, went down to the Hudson and watched the... Continue Reading →

The fight for life

  About 2 weeks ago, during my last week in New York, I made a meeting that is definitely worth to be shared here. No joyful meeting and certainly no one I would forget so quickly. As usual, I reached the Grand Central and headed for the subway station so I could continue to the... Continue Reading →

#2 New York

Another week has passed and so half of my time here in New York is already over. Another week I experience a lot and explored the city further. By Thursday the week was relaxed. The weather was rather moderate so we opted for a bit of shopping at the Woodbury Common Outlet and just a... Continue Reading →

#1 New York

On Sunday the 16.07. It was time. Four weeks of New York were to come and I was, of course, totally nervous. From Düsseldorf, I flew about 8 hours to the USA, until I finally landed at New York's airport John F. Kennedy. Here in New York, I am taking a language course, especially to... Continue Reading →

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