The fight for life

  About 2 weeks ago, during my last week in New York, I made a meeting that is definitely worth to be shared here. No joyful meeting and certainly no one I would forget so quickly. As usual, I reached the Grand Central and headed for the subway station so I could continue to the... Continue Reading →

#2 New York

Another week has passed and so half of my time here in New York is already over. Another week I experience a lot and explored the city further. By Thursday the week was relaxed. The weather was rather moderate so we opted for a bit of shopping at the Woodbury Common Outlet and just a... Continue Reading →

#1 New York

On Sunday the 16.07. It was time. Four weeks of New York were to come and I was, of course, totally nervous. From Düsseldorf, I flew about 8 hours to the USA, until I finally landed at New York's airport John F. Kennedy. Here in New York, I am taking a language course, especially to... Continue Reading →

3 months of Berlin

When I decided to do an internship in Berlin six months ago, I was not really enthusiastic at first. I was never a real Berlin fan. Somehow everything was too big, too alternative, too dirty Today, after three months of German capital life, I can say: I'd like to come back. And everyone who knows... Continue Reading →

Crazy about Socks…

Socks - a topic you can discuss on for hours. Some think it is totally fine to give somebody socks for Christmas or birthday. Some might say this is a NO GO. Some people do not care whether they wear a pair of different socks, or whether their socks fit to their outfits or not.... Continue Reading →

About an Island and its Image – SYLT

Tomorrow it is time again: I will go to my favourite place:  SYLT, probably Germany's most beautiful island. An island which has a lot to offer. And whose reputation is being drawn through the muck espacially on a weekend like Whitsun. Because of an image that does not even affect the majority of the island.... Continue Reading →

9.203,60 Kilometers

Hamburg and Bogota are 9.203,60 kilometers away from each other. So are Julius and his girlfriend Isabella. Because the two have been in a long-distance relationship for 4 years now. When I wanted to pick up my boyfriend from Hamburg airport on Thursday evening, I noticed a nervous young man next to me. He could... Continue Reading →

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